Who We Are?


For our customers we augment what works and challenge what doesn’t. We build management programs that measure success and we help teams find focus.


Allan Boyle has over 22 years experience in Information Technology and has cultivated a breadth of capabilities across finance, telecommunications and Internet sectors. Allan has a passion for leading organisations through transformation, particularly leveraging cloud based disruptive technologies. He is comfortable leading multi-function teams including Sales, Engineering and Operations. Having lived and worked in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and run global partner programs, Allan brings a strong cultural context to his consulting engagements. Allan completed his MBA at Stellenbosch University in 2015. His downtime is spent outdoors, either mountain biking, sea swimming, or hiking with his family. Get to know Allan a little more on social media. 


Individualistic by nature. We understand that you are unique. We don’t generalise. We focus on what makes you stand out above the rest. We instinctively seek to find out what motivates your teams. We are driven by establishing value based lasting relationships.

We are analytical. We look for patterns and connections in data. We want to know how these patterns affect one another, and their outcomes. Peeling back the layers, we dive deep to determine root causes of your key business problems  and provide actionable insights to solve them. 

We are curious. We respect that you are the subject matter expert, however with our ability to ask the right questions and quickly learn about your business, we can uncover new opportunities and growth ideas.

We are action orientated. We believe that action leads to performance. Once a decision or strategy has been agreed, we will work with your team to execute quickly, learn from the results and iterate to inform the next action.

We are fascinated about the future. Our vision will help your organisation scan the horizon. This energises us, and we will help you paint a vivid picture of your future and what it could be, making your ability to scale, a reality.