Small Business
Mentorship Program

About The Program

Saltwater Consulting supports small business development and we have decided to give our time during the Covid-19 crisis to help small businesses navigate the challenges that this virus has delivered. We are offering mentorship support for self funded small businesses that are less than two years old. The mentorship program will consist of a monthly 1:1 call (usually 30 minutes) throughout 2021, where small business owners can engage with a mentor to discuss the current challenges they face in their business. 

Whats are the benefits of having a mentor?  Running a business is hard, and having a mentor available to listen to your business challenges and offer perspectives based on their own experience, can help ease the day to day pressure for business owners. Mentors have broad executive experience in cross-functional roles and have worked in multiple industries. Having the ability to bounce an idea off an experienced business consultant in a confidential setting is invaluable.  In many cases a mentor can open up new networks and connections for the small business owner. 

Do I need to prepare for a mentor session? In a mentor meeting you’re asking the questions, so it’s good practice to arrive prepared with two to three questions relating to a business problem, opportunity or idea that you want to discuss. 

How do I sign up?  Simple. Complete the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours to arrange your first call. 

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