Digital Transformation – The employee experience

Delivering Digital Transformation is one thing. Doing it when your entire organisation is remote is something completely different. Now, Employee Experience needs to be as much of the focus as Customer Experience. And, in fact, employee pain points can lead to valuable data insights into how you can improve your whole business.
Remote Working

Digital transformation was something companies typically did for their customers and occurred for many reasons including:

  • Streamlining customer contact processes
  • meeting the customer where they are – their screens.
  • to stay relevant

In most cases companies implemented their digital transformation plans with their employees located under one roof. However, in March 2020, many teams dispersed overnight.

The great resignation

Fast forward two years, and the demand for remote working is increasing. This has led to the great resignation as more employees choose on how and where they want to work. Companies looking to deliver a digital transformation strategies now need to think about their employee experience too.

“Employee pain points can be valuable cues on where you can improve the business.If you innovate the work experience, you make the whole company better, including the customer experience.”

George Westerman, The New Elements of Digital Transformation

Employee experience is transforming

Remote work is not just about where your employees are sitting. Here are three further components that are transforming how employees want to work:

  1. Technology tools that enable employees to work productively, smartly and safely are non-negotiables for organisations looking to fully leverage digital transformation.
  2. The Chief Learning officer is emerging in the workplace to continuously look at employee skills development and make sure they are future proofing the workforce.
  3. Workforces are now more agile. It’s not just about hiring full time employees anymore. Companies are embracing “flexforcing” by accessing trusted consultants, freelancers and contractors.

It is now more critical than ever to align customer and employee experience when implementing a digital transformation strategy. To learn more about how we can help your business develop its Employee Experience, book a discovery call with us today.

My original extended version of this post where I deep dive into aligning employee and customer experience, was first published on Tech Native here

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