What's preventing you from scaling your business? Are you unable to retain talent? Is your engineering team not articulating their product vision to your sales people? Are there too many manual processes involved in on-boarding new customers?

Saltwater consulting will enable you to think about your business and where you want to take it? We'll learn about your business, ask the hard questions, and uncover your key business growth challenges.


Do you have gaps in your sales training? Do you need an operational playbook for your remote staff? Are you trying to migrate to a new CRM solution?

Saltwater consulting will work with your management team to design sustainable growth strategies and mechanisms for your business. We will help you design new organisational structures, compensation plans; and detailed project plans for that upcoming client system migration.


Are you ready to launch a new product? Is your head of Sales on an extended sabbatical? Do you need executive level account management to onboard a large customer?

Saltwater consulting will work with you to implement your business transformation strategy, whether that be one to one executive coaching; facilitating goal setting workshops or providing interim management capacity to help you build a new team.

Consulting Services

Saltwater consulting provides the following client services  


Business Discovery Hour

Competitor Analysis 

Root Cause Analysis

Strategic Thinking

Team Brainstorming Session









Business Model Optimisation

Compensation Models 

Project Planning 

Organisational Redesign 

Reporting and Dashboards 











Executive Mentoring 

Interim Management 

Goal Setting workshops 

Sales Training

System Integration